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Art is an amazingly subjective medium. What can appear as an everyday piece of work to one person may be an absolutely stunning piece of individual interpretation to another. This is due to each of us having our individual perceptions on what constitutes great artwork, and the influences that have shaped our lives. I like to make each piece of art as individual as a snowflake, as unique as the faces of every person on earth, and as artistic and individually interpretive as it can be.


I have a passion for creating individual pieces of art using photographic and digital realms. I love life, I love art and I love creating each individual interpretation from the influences that have shaped my life. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating it! Inspiration for my work comes from past and present life experiences. I have a lot of digital medium experience and have always enjoyed creating unique pieces of art. Through many years of experimentation in photography and digital art I hope you find my images artistic and enjoyable-enough to hang my works on your wall!!


I am always working on a number of projects at any one time. Photography and art is my passion, but I also enjoy creating stock photography for the graphic arts and advertising industries.


Stock photography is the art of creating images and works for use in commercial advertising and specific uses. Images are designed then licensed in order to fulfil the specific creative assignments of graphic designers and businesses worldwide.


Stock image creation differs from art and artistic photography in that the images created are designed with commercial rather than personal uses in mind. View some of my stock image works here.


There are many ways in which artists can sell their works. From dedicated personal websites such as this one (usually maintained by the artist personally), commercial artist websites such as Fine Art America and Artists Websites, eBay Stores and stock image agencies such as BigStockPhoto, Dreamstime and Fotolia.


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